Cornell Researchers Put New York on the National Industrial Hemp Map

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Cornell University is following through on Gov. Cuomo’s 2018 State of the State proposal to position New York state as a leader in the industrial hemp field. With strong support from state legislators, they are on track to achieve this goal. Researchers at Cornell University’s leading College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have received funding to identify and breed cultivars optimized for New York’s climate and to establish certified seed production in the state. As the 19th state to legalize and regulate industrial hemp research, New York is garnering national attention and recognition thanks to research by Cornell.

Hemp, the fiber produced from the stem of the Cannabis plant, has a multitude of uses, including food, fiber, fabrics, and even being used as automobile door panels. The Cornell team is addressing all aspects that could affect the hemp industry, from plant pathologists studying diseases to entomologists surveying for pests of hemp. The team diligently works to connect experts in a variety of specialties, including researchers, farmers, and even biotechnology experts.

Cornell plant breeders are testing cultivars to create a database of relative performance and growth, with plans to expand trials across the state. Their work has earned $2 million in state funding for a hemp genomics program to speed the breeding process.

For more information on this research on industrial hemp and Cornell University, read more here.

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