Colorado State University Student Combines Landscape Architecture Skills with Love of Art

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Greg Howe spent some time at Colorado State University’s Department of Art before falling in love with their Landscape Architecture program. His new role allows him to combine his passion for the outdoors and obsession with art to produce beautiful work.

Having developed an interest with art when he was younger, he now draws landscapes using natural light to compose an ink and pen drawing. The black and white works require different techniques, making his pieces are very detailed and complex, as Howe intentionally wants people to look closely at the world around them.

After his time in the army, Howe was unsure of what his next steps would be in his career. He knew he liked the outdoors and art, but needed to find a way to apply both of them. Colorado State University’s landscape architecture program gave him validation and confidence about his artistic ability. He is now working to showcase his work with the community and connect with an art dealer who is willing to sell his work. Howe was able to pursue his passion and turn it into a career thanks to this program at Colorado State University.

One of Howe’s goals before his graduation in Spring 2019 is to continue to build relationships between the Departments of Landscape Architecture and the Art. He recognizes they are so closely intertwined, and we wants to promote other students in the Landscape Architecture  department to showcase their work for the rest of the university community.

For more information on Greg Howe’s work and Colorado State University, read more here.

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