Colorado State University Researchers Win $5 Million Grant to Join Water Scarcity and Irrigation Innovation Research Consortium

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Research into water scarcity and irrigation is receiving a significant boost of support through a $5 million grant from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) to launch the Irrigation Innovation Consortium. This collaborative research body will be made up of public and private partners working with Colorado State, including California State University at Fresno and Rubicon Water. The goal of this collaboration is to advance the development and adoption of water and energy efficient irrigation technology and practices.

The public and private partners will work together to develop and test equipment, technology, and information systems to equip “farms of the future” that will feature improved water management and irrigation efficiency. The goal of this body is to create an internationally recognized, self-sustaining center of excellence that promotes and enhances water and energy efficiency in irrigation. Through this work, the hope is to create greater resiliency in food and irrigated landscape systems through new advancements in efficient irrigation and keep this industry at the forefront of innovation.

To learn more about Colorado State University’s role with this collaborative research initiative, read more here.

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