Aspiring Farmers Can Learn Everything They Need at NC State University’s Farm School

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Want to become a farmer but don’t know where to start? NC State University’s Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and NC State Extension have all the answers at the NC Farm School. The eight-session program guides aspiring farmers through developing their business plan and introduces them to successful farmers and their strategies. Offered in different locations each year, NC Farm School helps educate North Carolina’s future farmers and prepares them for their new business.

NC Farm School student James Payne had two successful careers before pursuing farming. Making the transition into this field was something he couldn’t do without NC State.

“Farm School forced me to build a real business plan, not just going and throwing a bunch of money into farming and hoping it sticks,” Payne said. “Now I know how to go about looking for buyers and how to market and I’ve put all that together.”

Payne went from no farming experience to owning a poultry flock, with plans to expand.

“It’s a great path for anybody who wants to be their own boss, if they are self-directed and self-motivated.”

Farming is a great business opportunity, but can be a real challenge for people who have never farmed before. To sign up for NC Farm School and learn more about how the program works, read more here.

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