As the Pennsylvania Wine Industry Grows, so does Penn State’s Grape and Wine Team

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According to the National Association of American Wineries, Pennsylvania’s grape and wine industry represents about $4.8 billion of the state’s economy due to employment, wine sales, tourism, tax revenue, and related avenues. But it’s not stopping there – the industry is expected to grow as the number of in-state wineries increase every year, going from 64 in 2000 to 257 today.

Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences and Penn State Extension are major players in this industry with their Penn State Grape and Wine Team. Made up of their best viticulturists, plant pathologists, entomologists, enologists, sensory scientists, and marketing specialists, this team helps these wineries get off the ground and be as successful as they can be.

“We understand how challenging the wine business can be,” said Kathy Kelley, professor of horticultural marketing and business management. “There are many decisions that wineries have to make – from the fanciful name to the packaging to how they promote it – in order to appeal to wine consumers.”

The team offers a number of educational resources through the Penn State Extension that help winery owners understand topics such as wine production, consumer behavior, and managing nutrients, diseases and insects in the vineyards. Their blog, Facebook page, and newsletter also serve as tools for sharing real-time wine information with audiences across the world.

To learn more about Penn State’s involvement in the local wine industry, read more here.

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