Washington State University Extension Brings Fresh Produce to Neah Bay with Farm Stand

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Neah Bay, Washington is the most northwestern point of the entire United States. As fun as that fact is, the residents of Neah Bay are suffering from the location. The nearest big town is two hours away, which causes Neah Bay’s single grocery store to get deliveries only once per week. This made access to fresh fruits and vegetables quite difficult­– until the Washington State University Extension had an idea.

Glenda Butler is a gardener in Neah Bay that has never sold her fresh produce before. But when WSU Extension approached her with the idea of hosting a town farm stand, Butler took it upon herself to support her community with her crops. The farm stand allows her to sell her fruits and vegetables as well as any produce from other Washington growers that she can get her hands on.
“The physical and economic barriers won’t change,”’ said WSU Extension nutrition educator Karlena Brailey. “So, we helped find a way to work around those barriers to benefit this community. It’s pretty great.”

Butler’s farm stand is a great way to help out Washington farmers while meeting the produce demands of the Neah Bay residents. To learn more about their current project and potential expansion to create a full farmers market, read more here.

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