University of New Hampshire Graduate Makes Use of the Leftovers – Leftover Meal Points, That Is

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Recent University of New Hampshire graduate, Alana Davidson, grew up wanting to be a baker. But a volunteering experience led to a research project that made her passion clear – addressing food insecurity at the college level.

Food insecurity can be defined as being “without reliable access to enough affordable, nutritious food.” Through campus-wide surveys, she learned how the health struggles of her peers were due to lack of proper nutrition. The root of the problem? Nearly 25% of the student body reported being food insecure. This alarming information led Davidson to develop the “Swipe It Forward” program where students can donate their unused meal credits to provide free meals for students who can’t always afford to eat.

Davidson teamed up with UNH’s Center for Undergraduate Research to make “Swipe It Forward” happen. Read more about her work with the program here.

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