University of Nebraska-Lincoln Investigates and Improves Rice and Wheat Growth with Exciting Research Project

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As farmers finish up a long day’s work of tending to their crops in the sun, they head to bed and leave them be for the night. A team of researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are looking into what happens to those wheat and rice crops after the sun goes down, specifically in high temperatures.

High temperatures can have a big impact on the yield and quality of these crops, and for four years, associate professor of agronomy and horticulture, Harkamal Walia, will lead her team to investigate crops’ genetic and physiological characteristics in relation to heat tolerance. Her goal is to be able to develop rice and wheat that are resilient to these conditions, so that they can grow successfully during the day and at night to increase production.

This research has the potential to impact food security across the globe due to the demand and importance of rice and wheat. To learn more about this exciting research, read here.

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