University of Minnesota Develops Breakfast Programs with Local Schools

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We’ve all heard it before: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, too many teenagers forgo their morning meals, waiting all the way until lunch for their first serving of food for the day. Eating habits like this cause energy to sag throughout the morning, inhibiting learning and engagement.

In response to this all too common trend, University of Minnesota Extension developed the Project breakFAST Toolkit as part of a four-year, multi-staged platform. The Project worked closely with 16 different rural schools, identifying the specific barriers pertaining to each school that prevented children from eating breakfast in the morning. Once target barriers were deduced, Minnesota Extension implemented breakfast programs that centered around maximizing access and food appeal.

These tailored extension programs made a significant impact within the 16 partnering schools, increasing teen breakfast participation by almost half and positively influencing school nutrition services budgets.

Discover more about University of Minnesota’s breakfast marketing strategy here.

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