University of Florida Extension Agent Gives Tips on How to Sustain Yards During Droughts

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The scorching summer sun is shining a little too hard on the yards of Florida homes. Droughts can be tough on ornamental flowers and turf grasses, not to mention the havoc they reek on vegetable gardens. Luckily, the University of Florida Extension is full of tips on how to keep your lawns looking lush all summer long.

First, it is important to learn the signs of water stress so you know when plants are in danger. If plants exhibit signs of water stress, be sure to water deeply. Time of day for watering is also essential, so aim to water in the early morning. Finally, if possible, put your plant in the shade for parts of the day to reduce drying sun exposure.

Interested in conserving water? You can contact your local UF Extension office. Read more here.

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