University of Delaware Donates a Football Field’s Worth of Books to Kids Across the State

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The University of Delaware Cooperative Extension donated 7,000 children’s books to kids throughout the state, thanks to the Books Across Delaware grant that they received from the Molina Foundation. The Molina Foundation is a national nonprofit that works to reduce disparities in access to education and health. Through this partnership, the University of Delaware’s donation was big enough to fill a library shelf as long as a football field.

The goal of this project is to promote independent learning and help students keep up with their academics over the summer where they could lose 2-3 months’ worth of reading and math skills.

“This book grant is a wonderful way to honor the continued good work of Cooperative Extension in Delaware,” said Martha Bernadett, Molina Foundation President and Founder. “We believe in how they provide children and families across the state with valuable learning programs, resources, and opportunities. We absolutely endorse what they do and what we know that our books and learning materials can help them in that mission.”

With the help of Delaware’s 4-H program administrators, UD Extension is going to be giving away the books throughout the fall season at various 4-H activities and communities across the state.

“We believe that there is special value in making sure that books and reading are part of every child’s life,” said Doug Crouse, the State 4-H Program Leader. “This is a heartfelt opportunity. Handing out these books will help thousands of Delaware kids get a good start to lifelong learning and success.”

To learn more about the initiative, read more here.

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