UF/IFAS Faculty Members Named to ’40 under 40′ Agriculture List

Two new University of Florida faculty members have earned the second annual ’40 Under 40’ Award from Vance Communications. Alex Lamm and Sam Hutton, both doctorates from UF’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, have been selected from nearly 200 nominees for their contributions to America’s food systems. Lamm is being honored for her research on how water issues are addressed from the human perspective, and Hutton for his work to advance tomato resistance to bacterial spot and to develop machine-harvestable tomatoes. Vance Communications, the renowned agricultural publisher that hosts the ’40 Under 40’ Award, is committed to raising awareness of the global food production crisis, citing the UN’s 2050 Challenge, which is aiming to double food production by the year 2050. Lamm and Hutton will be featured in nine November/December Vance Communications publications.

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