The University of Illinois Brings Issues with Food Insecurity in Rural Areas to our Attention

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Despite the beautiful rolling hills of corn and vast rows of apple trees, rural America is not always capable of feeding its own residents. Food insecurity is a major issue in these rural communities, and Craig Gunderson of the University of Illinois College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences is trying to increase awareness and develop solutions.

“Just because rural communities are surrounded by fields and soybeans, it doesn’t mean residents can walk by and eat it. It’s not available in that sense,” Gunderson said.

Gunderson has been studying the impact food pantries and food banks have had on these communities, which according to his research, are providing a great deal of help. But it’s still not enough, and he encourages us to support programs and research that help feed these areas.

To learn more about Gunderson’s research and the current strategies that are being implemented to help these communities, read here.

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