The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Promotes Arkansas’ No. 1 Crop Through New Program

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Soybeans are Arkansas’ number one crop, providing its residents with plenty of amino acids and as much protein as animal products. Now, soybeans are also providing a social connection within the state’s communities.

It’s called the “Soybean Science Challenge,” and it is supported by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. The goal is to encourage high school students to explore the production of soybeans and with the Grow Your Own Protein Program, gardens at schools and within the communities are providing their constituents with fresh, ethically-grown crops.

With such a nutrient-rich crop popping up everywhere in the state, it’s important that Arkansas’ residents are aware of this amazing plant and that other states are proud of their own crop production. To learn more about soybeans and this special program, read more here.

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