The Ohio State’s Chow Line Advises on How to Keep Picnic Food Safe and Bacteria Free

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When food temperature is too high or not high enough, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. This can be a tough balance to strike when packing up for a picnic. Failure to do so could mean unpleasant foodborne illness for you and your fellow picnic goers.

As picnic season is officially upon us, the Ohio State’s Chow Line is here with some advice on how to keep food safe and fresh when adventuring outside for meals. For starters, when grilling outside at the park, bring along a thermometer to ensure your meat is cooked hot enough to burn off bacteria. Make sure you know what foods spoil in the heat and pack them up in a cooler. On the way over to your fabulous picnic destination, keep your cooler in the air-conditioned car, instead of throwing it into the hot trunk.

Want to hear more on food safety? The USDA has more to say here.

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