South Carolina State University Makes Their Mark in History During the Solar Eclipse

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South Carolina State University made astronomy history last week during the solar eclipse. As a mark on the path of totality in the United States, SC State captured hundreds of images for a national project. Along with six other teams of researchers, SC State took digital photos of the sun’s outer gaseous atmosphere (the “corona”), which you cannot typically see with just your eyes. The images will be put together to produce the first 90+ minute movie of the dynamic solar corona.

“Only during a total solar eclipse can we see the faintest details of the corona. This is why scientists run all over the world wherever there is a total eclipse. People take their telescopes to locations where it can be observed because, for that fleeting few moments, people can observe things that they can never see at any other time,” said SC State Astronomer Dr. Don Walter.

The solar eclipse was an exciting time for everyone who was able to witness it. To learn more about SC State’s coverage, read more here.

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