Rutgers Research Says Hops Farming Could Be New Trendy Market for New Jersey

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Once upon a time, the northeast possessed a thriving market for hops farming. But after the outbreak of blight and the onset of prohibition in the early 1900s, hops production shifted to the northwest, which caused New Jersey farmers to lose a source of income.

However, research conducted by Rutgers University indicates that hops could be making a comeback in New Jersey. Rutgers researchers explored the possible development of disease-resistant hops strains and investigated effective harvesting and drying methods. Additionally, the research sought to ascertain which hops varieties performed the best in New Jersey soils.

Rutgers is now helping local growers meet industry standards and, if met, New Jersey may find itself hopping in to a brand-new sector of farming.

Local hops farms are impacting their communities, read more about it here.

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