Peanut Farmers Rejoice Over Simply Amazing Farming Technique: Pod Blasting

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Pod blasting is a 20-year-old method of measuring peanut maturity. This informative process determines if a peanut crop is ready for harvest. What materials does this crucial method require? Just a pressure washer and a picker basket.

Peanut maturity can be defined by the color of the pods. The darker the pods, the more mature they are. Famers must remove the outer shell of the peanut in order to determine the color.

“We used to hull-scrape with a knife,” Alabama Extension’s peanut specialist Kris Balkcom explained. “When you do that, you’re looking at a handful of peanuts.” Additionally, removing each exocarp by hand was a tedious process. “Now, with pod blasting, we’re looking at 200 peanut pods at a time, easily.”

Pod blasting allows farmers to invert peanuts at the best possible time. If they do so before or after the peanuts’ optimum maturity they risk losing up to 500 pounds of their crops, if not more. Not only does pod blasting allow them to properly invert the most peanuts possible, but the quality of the peanuts is higher so they can sell them at a higher price. For all of these reasons, pod blasting is much more efficient and beneficial for peanut farmers than other inverting methods.

Pod blasting is extremely helpful for farmers, for time-management, harvesting, and financial purposes. For more information on how it works, click here.

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