October 2015: Meet the Extension Educator from Southern University Ag Center

Below is our Q+A with Gina Eubanks, VC for Extension of Southern University Ag Center. Gina will be answering your questions on Wednesday.

Q: When did the Fast Track Gardening program start?

The Fast Track Gardening program started in Spring 2012.

Q: How many incarcerated youths have participated in the program to date?

Over 300 youth have participated in the program.

Q: Why is it important to encourage youth to learn about agriculture?

It is important to encourage youth to participate in agriculture because there are so many job and career opportunities. From farmer to Chancellor of the Ag Center. Additionally it is important to teach self-sufficiency skills such as how to grow your own food and reduce grocery bill.

Q: What is the correlation between gardening and nutrition education?

Gardening is used as an educational component of Nutrition Education.  We use gardening to teach food resource management (growing your own food), healthy eating and physical activity.

Q: What does Cooperative Extension mean to you?

Cooperative Extension means community outreach and service. It means teaching everything I’ve learned to a community or individual that can benefit from it.

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