WVU crafts plan to keep roads, livestock – and especially people – safe

If you have ever seen a truck driving down the road with a herd of cattle in the back, you might have also been nervous about what were to happen if the truck crashed. Dave Workman, WVU Extension agent, has teamed up with Hardy County, and Jerry Yates, manager of the Davis College’s Reymann Memorial Farm to set up the Bovine Emergency Response Plan, also known as the BERP. “The Bovine Emergency Response Plan developed a framework for local emergency responders and law enforcement to more appropriately address accidents involving cattle transport vehicles,” Workman said. They have started training sessions that have drawn audiences such as law enforcers, firefighters, emergency responders, veterinarians, and livestock industry employees. The plan includes standardized procedures for when first responders arrive at the scene and training on how to handle each situation.

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