University of Wisconsin-Madison Researchers Ensuring Your French Fries are of the Highest Quality

Do you ever wonder how safe your food actually is? Well, if you’re eating a potato that came from Wisconsin, you’ll be happy to hear about the process it undergoes before it reaches your plate.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison grow their potatoes in a sterilized test tube with bacteria and virus-inhibiting chemicals, creating what is known as “seed potatoes.”

The process continues as researchers turn up the heat to kill possible viruses which maintains the product’s quality and keeps you safe from foodborne illnesses. The team then clips up a portion of the shoot and replants the seed in a clean test tube, which means eight potato plants become 30. Then those 30 become 80. With this process, the program certifies 200 million pounds of potatoes every year, so it’s safe to say your next potato might be Wisconsin-approved.

Learn more about how plant pathology researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are keeping your food safe.

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