University of Minnesota Extension Shares Helpful Tips to Keep your Food Safe

‘Tis the season when family members from far and wide join you in your home, and that means the refrigerator door will open, shut and sometimes not close all the way. This can cause food in your refrigerator to spoil without you knowing!

University of Minnesota Extension shares helpful tips to keep your family and guests safe this holiday season and all year round:

  • Store raw meat, poultry and seafood on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator in pans so juices don’t drip onto other foods.
  • Check refrigerator temperature often, daily or at least once a week
  • Refrigerate prepared food and leftovers within two hours of cooking.
  • Divide leftovers into small, shallow containers for quick cooling in the refrigerator. Cover when food is cooled.
  • Don’t overload the refrigerator. Cool air must circulate to keep food safe.

Read more about how to check your refrigerator temperature here.

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