Student-Run Organic Farm Thrives at Iowa State University

The student-run organic farm at Iowa State University, which emerged in the 1990s, has continued to bond the community through the shared passion of farming, writes Iowa Public Radio.

The farm runs on a Community Supported Agriculture model. Members who donate their time to farming get boxes of fresh and nutritious produce. “It’s hands-on learning, it’s just-in-time learning, it’s eating what you’ve just learned to do,” said advisor Mary Weidenhoeft. “And so that’s why the student organic farm is really unique.”

The land grant from Iowa State University has given students the opportunity to grow food, manage a business, and get other’s engaged.  The surplus produce grown at the organic farm is donated to those in need within the community, allowing students to understand the importance of giving back. Within a season, students will grow up to 40 different vegetables and fruits, showing other students the importance of fresh, organic produce.

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