Spring is the time to get a jump on aquatic weed control, says the University of Arkansas

As the snow begins to melt, and the temperatures begin to rise, many people are ready to jump in the water and enjoy the warm weather. But the University of Arkansas warns all pond and lake owners to assess the water for aquatic weeds before bringing the boat out. “Plant growth won’t always hinder the use of a pond,” George Selden, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Extension fisheries specialist, said. “But if there are problematic weeds and they are not monitored and stopped, they can grow thick so quickly that it may become impossible to launch a boat, swim or fish.” By assessing the weed situation early in the spring, Selden mentions that they will be much easier and cheaper to deal with. “Also, dissolved oxygen problems can result if herbicides are used to control weeds during the summer, so treatment needs to occur before the water gets hot.” 

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