Montana State: Developed Wheat Seed Fighting Pest

Montana State University’s Montana Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES) has been working with scientists at the Northwestern Agricultural Research Center to fight a major pest that has been destroying wheat yields throughout Montana.

The tiny orange Wheat Midge has had devastating consequences for Montana farmers, destroying crops and costing producers millions of dollars. In 2007, most farmers had stopped growing spring wheat and by 2009, Wheat Midge was detected throughout the state.

MSU has developed a new breed of Spring Wheat, Egan, to fight the Wheat Midge’s destruction. Egan has high grain protein, strong yield potential, and is resistant to wheat disease. Because of its SM1 gene, Egan is blended with 10 percent of a non-resistant variety to prevent the Wheat Midge from developing resistance. Egan is now available to producers in a certified blend.


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