Milk is and Always will be Healthy for You

Pop quiz: are egg yolks good or bad for you this season? Every year, this questioning happens like clockwork: a new list of “miracle foods” crop up and last year’s heralded list receive a swift dismissal. Moreover, many flip-flop between “foods to eat” and “foods to avoid” every year.

It also happens to coffee, wine, and, perhaps most needlessly, milk. In milk’s case, don’t listen to the ever-changing research landscape and go with your gut. Literally: lactose in milk favors gut bacteria that aid in digestion.

Recently, the Ohio State University has brought on a dairy scholar, Rafael Jimenez-Flores, whose goal is to promote and teach the values of a healthy diet. And, for him, it all starts with milk.

Click here to read more about what Jimenez-Flores says are the enduring, always-evolving qualities of milk. 

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