Meanwhile in New Mexico: NMSU experts talk about the tumbleweed phenomenon in Clovis

At the beginning of the year, there were record breaking cold winter condition in the West, but the Southwest, Clovis, New Mexico specifically, went through a different phenomenon. The strong winds were breaking off dry tumbleweeds from fields and covering houses with weeds, many as high as the roof. It took multiple days and heavy machinery to help remove the weeds and get people out of their houses. Abdel Mesbah, superintendent of the New Mexico State University Agricultural Science Center at Clovis, says that the reason for this tumbleweed invasion is because farmers and growers didn’t clean their fields from last year of dry weeds. He also added that it might be possible that since so many seeds spread this year, there could be even more tumbleweeds next year. “Growers might have a hard time next year trying to get rid of them or see more of them,” he said. “That’s why it is important to clean the fields every year.” Researchers at NMSU warn people to clean up their backyards and farmers their fields when they see any signs of invasive plants. 

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