Local Food Hubs Connect Communities And Producers

Food consumers have a growing interest in learning about where their food comes from, and wanting to connect to the farmers who produced it. Several NIFA- funded projects have created new local food hubs to address this issue.

The Molokai Food Hub (MFH) was established to address the heightened rate of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases in that Hawaiian community. The food hub provides outreach and education on healthy choices when buying food. They suggest buying more local and fresh products versus processed foods.

Fresh from Foley, a food hub in Foley, Alabama teams up with local producers and distributers  to collect, package, and ship locally grown produce to restaurants, schools, and grocery stores in the area.

Farmers of Chicago program provides resources for urban farmers so that they can distribute locally grown produce year-round.

Finally, Common Market Food, based in Philadelphia works with local farmers to provide alternative solutions to the mainstream distribution network.

NIFA’s funding has allowed communities all over to become educated and make smarter, healthier choices by eating fresh produce.

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