The Lag in Herbicide Technology Could Affect Evolving Crops and Gardens

Over the past decade, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) saw a steady decline in herbicide innovation. Due to the lack of innovation over the years, those within the EPA believe that agriculture is now behind the curve, which has led to an increase in herbicide resistance.

Does this mean that as crops evolve they will no longer be resistance to weeds or disease?

Many of the companies that developed herbicides did not see the benefits within their market share, but as crops have evolved to resist stronger herbicide, companies are seeing their need now more than ever. Farmers believe that they can assist with the innovation, as they see their crops evolving firsthand. With their help, not only will weeds and plant diseases be controlled, but farmers will be able to harvest and produce more crops for our growing population.

An integrated relationship is needed between farmers and the herbicide manufacturers, and University of Arkansas discusses the details further here.

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