Kansas State Research & Extension Conduct “Bear Cam” Study

Researchers at Kansas State University are investigating humans’ emotional reaction to animal live streaming videos. They want to find out if viral videos like the Eagle Cam or Panda Cam can be leveraged as a new way to drive public interest in conservation.

The Bear Cam study is based in Katmai National Park in Alaska, but because of the live stream it is able to reach audiences across the country. According to K-State, the technology could also help National Parks create “visitor opportunities that reach global audiences who may not be able to travel to national parks.”

The National Park system, which celebrated its 100 year anniversary last week, had 282 million visitors in 2015. Live streaming videos have the potential to vastly spread the experience, as the Decorah Eagle Cam alone has attracted 341 million views.

The Bear Cam study began in the Spring and will continue for several years. You can tune in to the video and read more about K State’s study here.

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