Catfish producers keep close eye on trematodes, says Miss State

Catfish producers are warned to keep a close eye on their fish to prevent from pests that could cost them profits. The ramshorn snail is a major player in spreading catfish parasites, parasites such as the trematode. The treamatode can prevent growth of the catfish, make them vulnerable to diseases and death. The parasite has been spreading from the Delta to east Mississippi ponds, raising cause for concern. “People think they have trematodes under control, so they let their guard down and don’t treat again until they have problems with their ponds,” said Lester Khoo, veterinarian and director of the aquatic diagnostic lab at the National Warmwater Aquaculture Center at the Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville. “If farmers don’t take care of the situation, we could have more cases this year. If they are not as vigilant as they should be, trematodes can become a problem in ponds rather quickly.”

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