Big River, Big Data

The University of Missouri is using existing Midwestern rivers research data to predict future problems that may appear due to climate shifts. This project will focus on the floodplains of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Despite the fact that there are over 85,000 acres of state and federally owned conservation lands in large-river floodplains, no one knows if the water will rise, how long it will stay flooded, and what the implications of the flooding will be. The University of Missouri team wants to change that. “In addition to conservation benefits, these lands have the potential to provide valuable ecosystem services like habitats, nutrient processing, carbon sequestration and flood-water storage,” says Craig Paukert, associate cooperative professor of fisheries and wildlife at MU’s School of Natural Resources. Paukert plans to formalize the understanding of the information needs for management of the floodplain conservation lands.

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