Arkansas Extension’s Low Tech Solution to a High Tech Problem

Farmers who use multiple pesticide technologies can have a hard time keeping track of which one is in use where. Conventional crops without herbicide technology traits could be killed if they are accidentally sprayed. The University of Arkansas Extension Service developed a cheap and easy solution to help farmers juggle multiple technologies: colored flags.

The approach, called “Flag the Technology” essentially demarcates fields with colored bicycle flags that are color-coded to indicate what kind of pesticides are used on which crops.

According to a recent blog post from the University of Missouri Extension, the use of Flag the Technology is spreading across the Midwest and South.

Kevin Bradley of Missouri Extension explained how the system helps farmers: “When they pull into a field to apply herbicide, the flags help to assure them that they have the right chemical in their tank to match the traits in that field . . . Also, they might be able to look at fields across the road, and if there are different colored flags in nearby fields, then we hope applicators will think twice before spraying in windy conditions.”

Read more about Flag the Technology on the University of Arkansas Extension website.

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