• Undergraduates at the University of Arkansas learn about horticulture first hand at the university’s Fruit Research Station.

    The Fruit Research Station at Clarksville added an undergraduate flavor to its horticultural efforts this year and the results are decidedly sweet.

    All horticulture majors worked with station personnel to help build a database of knowledge that helps advance the division’s fruit breeding, cultivation and management research, said John R. Clark, University Professor of horticulture, who directs the fruit breeding program.Clark said one of his chief goals in bringing undergraduates into research activities at the Fruit Research Station is to inspire tomorrow’s horticultural research and production leaders. “All three students gained substantially from the experience,” he said.

  • Immersion And Wellness Program Teaches Youth Crops’ Journey From Fields To Dinner Tables

    During summer 2012, some campers at the Iowa 4-H Center were immersed in nutrition education, gardening, culinary skills, physical activity, and a health-promoting environment as part of an Iowa State University research study.

    Another program initiated by the ISEUEO program teaches young campers about seeds, crops, farming, and what goes into the foods they eat on the dinner table daily. They learn about not only farming (harvesting, feeding, weeding , etc.), but also track those crops to the kitchen when they learn proper cooking and food preparation… all with guidance from great staff, immersing them in an illuminative environment that teaches them the benefits of healthy, natural foods and physical exercise.

  • Iowa State Extension and Outreach Leads Education Program for Croppers and Producers

    Lost Nation farmer Wayne Busch shares his experience of the 2012 drought and assistance available from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

    During an exceptionally dry year in Hawkeye State, the Iowa State Extension and Outreach has taken a lead role in educating crop producers on drought response methods that not only help protect major cash crops like corn and soybeans, but also forages and pastures throughout the state. ISU Extension and Outreach held 78 meetings statewide to educate about 5,300 crop producers in 2012.

  • ISU Extension and Outreach Mad Scientist Day Camp Gives Youth Hands-On Science Experience

    Iowa State University Extension and Outreach programs for K-12 youth include a strong focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills. Mad Scientist Day Camps get youth excited about STEM learning with fun activities to help youth see how science fits into their everyday lives.

    ISU extension and outreach has taken part in youth-targeted programs that help instill interest and exposure to science and natural phenomena to set the first building blocks for future Iowan scientists. The campers are offered an opportunity to learn about science in hands-on ways that teach and fuel a thirst for knowledge during an important time in their lives.

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