Mindfulness Could be the Key to Weight Management with this NC State Program

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The issue of obesity has been a rising problem within the United States over the past decades, and high proportions of body fat can yield challenges on multiple fronts, resulting in health concerns such as hypertension, type-two diabetes, and heart disease.

To address this growing problem, NC State University’s Division of Public health developed a program to help facilitate participant’s adoption of healthy eating and exercise habits. The program is called “Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less” (ESMMWL) and consists of 15 weekly one hour lesson. ESMMWL differentiates itself by centering eating and exercise behavior adjustment courses around mindfulness practices. The program emphasized simple, sustainable changes and engages participants by fostering a strong sense of community.

So far, the results have been impressive. Class participants have averaged about 7.5 pounds of weight loss by the completion of the program.

ESMMWL offers an online course too, which helped contribute to the program’s success. Learn how it works here.

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