March 2015: Why Ag Matters (AgIsAmerica’s Monthly Newsletter)

Why Ag Matters: March 2015 Newsletter 

Your monthly snapshot of extraordinary work from the members of Agriculture is America!


This is a monthly email highlighting some of the stories featured on the Ag Is America website, Twitter feed, and Facebook page. Ag Is America’s goal is to share the land-grant story with important legislative and media audiences, and our goal in sending this newsletter to you is to demonstrate the types of stories that resonate with our followers.


National Impact Database Launched March 2

On March 2, the National Impact Database Committee announced the launch of the Database as well as the corresponding public facing Land-Grant Impacts website. The Database is an internal resource that allows designated university contacts to upload and update impact statements, and the Land-Grant Impacts website highlights the land-grant story and impact for the general public.  The Database is jointly sponsored by ECOP and ESCOP.


Here’s what Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy, director of National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture said: “The Land-Grant Impacts website is a new tool that will better inform the American people and the international community of the significant agricultural research, education and extension impacts taking place at land grant universities across our nation, which offer practical solutions to today’s critical societal challenges. This website will help policy makers and the public learn more about this work that is partially supported with NIFA funding.”


Here’s what Barbara Allen-Diaz, vice president, University of California, and chair of BAA Policy Board of Directors said: “Articulating positive changes as a result of Agriculture Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension research and education is critical today. The Board on Agriculture Assembly (BAA) celebrates the launch of this web site. Having a searchable source for outcomes of our work will help to communicate the value of our research and extension programs in our land grant universities.”


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Did you know you could use a trombone to serenade cattle? Watch Farmer Derek Klingenberg do so here:


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