Land-Grant Universities Team Up to Help Family Businesses Succeed Despite Crises

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The majority of businesses in the United States are family-owned and, in rural areas, their success is crucial for the economic wellbeing of the entire community. Several universities are stepping in to find ways to support these businesses in times of crisis that go beyond visiting your farmer’s market or choosing local coffee over the name brand. Here are some examples of how land-grant universities are helping:

  • North Dakota State University teamed up with the University of Minnesota Extension to create the Family Financial Recovery Toolkit, which helped North Dakota’s family businesses recover after the floods in 2011.
  • North Dakota State University developed materials that provided the media and community with helpful information when a disaster strikes.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is using the universities’ research to help them adjust their emergency preparedness program. Read more about how land-grant universities are impacting family-owned businesses here.


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