Reproductive Performance in Domestic Ruminants


Poor reproductive efficiency in domestic ruminants (e.g., cattle, goats, sheep) is widely regarded as the most limiting factor to profitability in animal production systems and is a growing problem in the West. Livestock production is a critical component of the economic health of western states, and the U.S. supply of livestock and products is dependent on the production efficiency of western farms and ranches. The W-1112 project’s primary stakeholders are farmers and ranchers in the West, but the work has broad applicability to these industries nationwide. Secondary stakeholders are consumers of animal products, who benefit from reduced prices associated with efficient animal production systems. Additional stakeholders include citizens of communities in the West whose economies are improved by their proximity to profitable and sustainable animal industries. This cooperative research group seeks to bring diverse expertise to bear on factors that limit fertility in ruminants and to provide products, techniques, and outreach materials for the benefit of animal producers in the western region.

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