Rangelands West Partnership


Rangelands cover 70% of the land area of the 11 western states and provide many ecological services, including forage production, wildlife habitat, watersheds, and recreation. Rangelands managed by federal and state agencies are commonly used by livestock operators as a critical part of ranch systems. Managing and conserving these lands is hindered by the limited ability of state land-grant universities (LGUs) to provide quality information and support through the Internet. This requires collaboration among subject, information, and technology experts. The Rangelands West Partnership has brought together rangeland specialists and agricultural and natural resource librarians from 19 western LGUs to tackle this challenge. By collecting, creating, evaluating, and organizing relevant data, information, and learning materials, the Partnership provides researchers, educators, and public and private land managers with electronic access to the full scope of research and educational information on rangeland ecology, management, and conservation.

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