Potato Virus and Virus- Like Disease Management

Virus and virus-like diseases in potatoes in the western U.S. create a costly situation requiring limited-generation seed programs and the use of multiple pesticides to minimize yield and quality losses in commercial crops. Substantial yield losses and rejections of seed lots for certification have resulted in tremendous dollar losses to growers. Public and environmental concerns surround the use of pesticides on potatoes. In addition, potato growers face potential registration cancellation of key pesticides and the difficulties of developing new information for re-registration or development of new pesticides. Pest resistance to current pesticides is always of concern. Loss of pesticides or pesticide effectiveness will increase yield and quality losses if alternative solutions are not developed. This group provides a regional forum for collaboration among potato virus disease researchers and the dissemination of information on control strategies. The group also advises regional and national organizations, evaluating concerns, recommending policies, and reviewing quarantine and seed certification issues with the goal to improve plant health and crop sustainability.

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