Molluscan Shellfish Broodstock Management

Clams and oysters are the most economically important groups of mollusks in the U.S. Total commercial landings of all clam species in 2004 were valued at $117 million. Commercial landings of Eastern oysters in 2004 were valued at $111 million, and production of Pacific oysters on the West Coast in 2003 was valued at $63 million. Diseases and overfishing have contributed to major declines in the oyster harvest on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Although the Pacific oyster is not susceptible to major diseases, losses due to “summer mortality” have caused considerable economic damage to the industry. WERA-099 provides a forum for U.S. and international molluscan geneticists, physiologists, and pathologists to exchange ideas and information on genetics, reproduction, diseases, chromosome and genetic manipulation techniques, broodstock management, and breeding programs.

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