Managing Swine Production to Enhance Animal Welfare

Pork production systems continue to evolve in the U.S. and globally. Thus, it is important for scientists across the country with technical and research training in nutrition, facility design, economics, animal behavior, and genetics to come together to coordinate research on pork production issues and evaluate possible technological and management solutions. This research helps improve pork production efficiency and pig welfare (including animal feeding, handling, and housing) throughout the U.S., thereby enabling opportunities for economic gain and greater societal responsibility in pork production.

Over the past five years, this group has conducted research and delivered educational programs for pork producers on:

1. Proper feeding management
2. Temperature management to reduce the use of heating fuels and production of greenhouse gases from swine barns
3. Housing methods to improve the economic and biological performance of pigs while maintaining high pig welfare
4. Strategies for sorting pigs by weight to increase market value, and
5. Use of byproduct feed ingredients in the production of safe, wholesome pork products.

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