Integrated Management of Cereal Arthropod Pests


Insect pests, including Russian wheat aphid, greenbug, and Hessian fly, are serious pests of cereal crops in the U.S. Since its introduction into Texas in 1986, Russian wheat aphid (RWA) has spread throughout the western Great Plains cereal production area, the Pacific Northwest, and the desert Southwest. Since 1986, the total economic damage in the U.S. caused by RWA has exceeded $1 billion, considering crop loss, cost of pest control, and lost revenue to rural economies. Severe economic damage from greenbug and Hessian fly (HF) occurs throughout the West, and several other arthropods can also seriously impact wheat, barley, and oat production in the region. A primary goal of this group is to share the research needed to comprehensively manage these pests in small grain cropping systems in the West and to shorten the time from initial research activity to adoption by the end user.

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