Emissions from Dairy, Swine and Poultry Facilities

In recent years, dairy, swine, and poultry production has increased dramatically though the number of production sites has decreased slightly. This more concentrated production has resulted in emission of odorous and hazardous dusts and gases. Technologies for controlling emissions have been developed but their practicality is still in question by producers.

The S1025 program has provided extensive, high quality emissions data and robust, low-cost strategies for mitigating emissions from animal housing on dairy, swine, and poultry farms. Having this data allows producers to reduce indoor and downwind emissions and protect animal and human health, producer profits, as well as a stable and safe food supply.

Over the past six years, S-1025 scientists, engineers, and extension professionals from 20 universities across the U.S., USDA-ARS stations, and foreign universities have worked with producers, agricultural equipment suppliers, regulators, public health workers, veterinary experts, and other groups to solve air quality issues associated with poultry and livestock production.

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