Happy National Seafood Month from Michigan State University!

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We can’t believe October is already here, but we couldn’t be more excited for National Seafood Month! Michigan State University is celebrating by putting the spotlight on sustainable fisheries and the products they provide for consumers.

Michigan’s lucky residents have access to both locally produced farm-raised fish as well as wild-caught Great Lakes fish. Through the Michigan Sea Grant, residents also have access to unique cookbooks and the local universities have a platform to protect Michigan’s Great Lake resources through education, research, and outreach. National Seafood Month is all about appreciation for these opportunities to eat well and support the local ecosystem, for this month and the months to come.

Since ninety percent of seafood sold in Michigan has been imported, it’s important for customers pay attention to what you’re buying and where it is originally from. This month, explore your local fish market and learn about the fish that swim through your state. You might be excited about what you learn, and what you taste!

For more information on Michigan’s National Seafood Month activities, click here.

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