Fort Valley State University Brings the Farming and Nutritional Benefits of Dairy Goats to Guatemala

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This summer, dairy goat production and dairy technology expert Dr. Young Park was invited by the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer training program. Dr. Park is a professor of food science at Fort Valley State University, and was tasked to educate and train the Guatemalan dairy goat industry about the benefits of goat milk and its dairy products. He met with over 180 farmers, health and nutrition professionals, and university faculty and students, sharing information with them and performing hands-on training for processing goat’s milk and cheese.

Goat’s milk has many health benefits, including better digestibility, high short chain and medium fatty acids than cow’s milk, better mineral content than cow’s milk, therapeutic and hypoallergenic values, and more. Goats are also more prepared to thrive in harsh environments compared to cows, which makes them easier to raise in underdeveloped countries. For all of these reasons, goat milk is a great opportunity for Guatemalan farmers to nourish their communities and boost their farming industry.

For more information on how goat milk is made, its benefits, and Dr. Park’s experience in Guatemala, read more here.

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